Facilities // Servers

    vs3 uses only top-of-the-line Pentium III and AMD Athlon servers, custom-built and extensively tested for bulletproof stability. Our hardware is chosen specifically for its reliability and interoperability with FreeBSD, our preferred high-performance, open-source Unix operating system.

    We continuously upgrade our servers as more powerful equipment becomes available. Because of the amazing price/performance ratio of our chosen platform, as well as the easy availability of reliable spare parts, our system uptime is well over 99.99%, and we will be publishing detailed information to prove this in the near future.

    There are presently 700 physical Web servers in our data center handling more than 400,000,000 hits per day. All user servers run FreeBSD and Apache on our new
Athlon 1400 MHz servers with 1024MB DDR RAM and 40GB disk space.

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