Facilities // Network

    All of our servers are operated on their own dedicated network for Web hosting. They run on a collision-free, low-latency, fully switched local network, connected to multiple lines for redundant connectivity to the Internet. At present, we are operating four fiber optic OC-3c connections and four DS-3 connections.

Our external connections are  connected to eight world-class network service providers (commonly referred to as "backbones").

-   Sprint - OC-3c
-   AT&T - OC-3c
-   UUnet - OC-3c and DS-3
-   Genuity - DS-3 (OC-3c pending)
-   Cable & Wireless - DS-3
-   Intermedia/Allegiance - DS-3
-   Global Crossing - DS-3
-   Yipes! - Fast Ethernet

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